Yue Yu (θ™žθΆŠ)

Hi, I'm Yue (or Bruce), a MPhil student at HKUST VisLab.
My research focuses on developing data visualization technologies to help people better understand their complex data, with a particular interest in the humanity domain. I'm fortunate to be supervised by Prof. Huamin Qu and Prof. Cameron Campbell, and previously earned my BSc in Quantitative Social Analysis and Computer Science with first class honors at HKUST.
When I'm not working, I enjoy human-nature interaction (i.e., hiking) in Hong Kong.

Dec 2023 @ πŸŽ“
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Highlighted Projects
GWalkR: R Package for Interactive Exploratory Data Analysis
πŸ•΅οΈ GWalkR is an interactive Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Tool in R. With just single line of code, it can simplify your R data analysis and data visualization workflow by turning your data frame into a Tableau-style UI for visual exploration. Also, by using it in RMarkdown, you can create web page to showcase your insights with editable and explorable.
πŸͺ„ Below are some examples showing the power of GWalkR with RMarkdown. Data are from TidyTuesday:
Work & Research Experience
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